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Products, spaces and brands

designed holistically.




We believe that successful design is rooted in thorough research and strategic planning. We stay ahead of the curve, offering in-depth trend analysis. Our team delves into market studies and consumer behaviors to ensure your projects resonate with the target audience, keeping you at the forefront of the industry. Our strategic consulting services are designed to align your business objectives with market opportunities. We provide expert advice on product development, design innovation, and brand positioning.

Our approach to design research combines creative intuition with empirical data. We conduct thorough investigations into materials, technologies, and design methodologies to inform and inspire our creative process. This ensures that every project is underpinned by solid research and tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.

Engaging directly with clients and end-users, we conduct specialized, collaborative workshops aimed at defining clear design strategies. Understanding that each company has unique needs, we offer customized research and strategy services. Whether you're a startup looking to disrupt the market or an established company seeking to refine your product line, we are here to guide you through every step.

Animation 3D

Art Direction
Brand Identity
Brand Strategy

Colour Consultancy 
Communication Strategy
Concept Creation
Content Creation
Creative Direction
Design Management
Design Strategy

Design Workshops
Furniture Design 
Graphic Design

Hiperrealistic Renderings
Industrial Design
Interior Design

Innovation Lead
Material Research
Photography Direction
Product Design

Rendering 3D
Research (and Insight)
SoMe Management
SoMe Strategy
Textile Design






We specialize in designing furniture and everyday items. Our portfolio showcases over 12 implemented product collections, including home and office furniture, lighting, and various accessories and add-ons, totaling more than 50 products that have successfully reached the market. Our primary clientele includes industrial manufacturers, for whom we craft designs that blend aesthetics and functionality with a strong emphasis on sustainability, user needs, social interaction, and the broader environmental impact.

Our design process includes:

Conceptual and Visual Design: Transforming ideas into visual stories.
Technical Design and Collaboration: Merging design with engineering for functional solutions.
3D Modeling, Prototyping, and Printing: Bringing designs to life for evaluation and refinement.
Project Supervision: Overseeing prototyping and manufacturing to ensure quality.

Implementation Process Oversight: Our involvement continues through to the manufacturing process, ensuring a seamless transition from design to product.

Our design process is inherently collaborative, drawing on the expertise of an interdisciplinary team that includes constructors, material engineers, architects, strategists, and business and sales experts. This collaborative ethos ensures that our designs are not only innovative but also grounded in practicality and strategic insight.


We excel in transforming spaces into engaging and functional environments, with a special focus on fair stands. Our expertise has been showcased across Europe's most prestigious fairs, including Orgatec, Cersaie, EuroShop, and EuMo. We design and assist in the construction of stands that not only attract attention but also embody sustainable practices by minimizing carbon footprints and material waste. Our approach to design emphasizes upcycling and repurposing materials, ensuring that each creation contributes positively to the environment.

Beyond fair stands, our expertise extends to designing immersive retail spaces, including showrooms, shops, and point-of-sale materials, as well as crafting welcoming public interiors for hotels and restaurants. Each space we design is a testament to our commitment to minimalism and functionality, creating subdued yet striking environments that seamlessly integrate branding with contemporary design.

Collaboration is key to our process; we work closely with architects and engineers to deliver designs that are both beautiful and practical.


Our comprehensive services include:

Detailed Technical Projects: Providing in-depth technical documentation for precision in execution.
Design Supervision: Offering oversight during implementation to ensure fidelity to the original vision.
Bespoke Furniture Design: Creating custom furniture that enhances both aesthetics and utility, designed with sustainability in mind.


Our creative direction service is at the heart of transforming visions into tangible experiences. We guide the creative process from concept to completion, ensuring that every aspect of a project aligns with the overarching vision and brand identity. Specializing in a holistic approach, we blend strategy, design, and storytelling to create cohesive and impactful narratives. Our expertise extends across various mediums, ensuring that whether it's a brand campaign, a digital experience, or a physical space, the end result is not only visually appealing but also strategically sound and emotionally resonant.



Our rendering and animation services offer hyper-realistic visualizations that bring products and interiors to life. Specialized in creating detailed and lifelike renderings, we cater to companies looking to enhance their marketing and sales strategies. Our work has gained recognition and been featured in prestigious publications such as Elle Deco Poland and Design Alive, among other renowned design and interior design magazines.

We collaborate with a diverse range of clients, from manufacturers and startups to architects and developers, providing bespoke visual solutions that showcase the best of their offerings. Whether it's for product launches, virtual tours, or promotional materials, our renderings and animations are crafted to captivate and convey the unique qualities of each project.


Our services inlude: 3D Product Modelling, 3D Interior Modelling, Texture mapping, Texture Scanning, Lighting, Motion Design.

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